The new all-in-one Filter Regulator helps prevent clogging of the small nozzles on the first few spans of a center pivot.

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Returning from your holidays is always an anxious moment if you have plants on the balcony or on the terrace. What state will they be in? Have they been scorched by the sun? Or, adversely, have the...> See details

Delta-T Devices’s new digital WET150 Sensor measures soil moisture, temperature and electrical conductivity (EC), and is the product of over 40 years’ development expertise. 

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The world's largest garden lifestyle trade fair, spoga+gafa, is not going to be staged this year due to the ongoing insecure COVID-19 situation and the related restrictions. The next trade fair wil...> See details

Last year, the Rodez Football Club waspromotedfrom the National League (Division 3) to Ligue 2 (Second Division). The city’s sports department has, therefore, decided to completely overhaul the P...> See details

Like everythingthat nature gives us, trees are living beings: they have a birth, a life, then a death. In an earlier stage of a tree’s life, irrigation can be a tremendous plus. At this stage, it...> See details

One of the mostsignificantdevelopments in treecrop horticulture in the last 30 years has been the move to intensive plantings, wheretreessuch as pome and stone fruit, avocados, mangoes, olives and ...> See details

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Saving on water has become a major challenge for many production regions, both in France and a number of other countries. The climatologists predict that the temperature of the planet will increase...> See details

After the closure of the production site of a French industrial group, where he was employed, Fabien Fournier decided to set up his own organisation, Cerres-Innovation, which focused on the design ...> See details