The Le Ray project was created on a 3-hectare park in Nice, with the idea that nature regains control over the buildings. The project consists of private housing, social housing, an industrial esta...> See details

The Raoul-Barrière stadium in Béziers holds 22,500 people and is used for both football (soccer) and rugby matches. In 2019 it was the home of the Béziers football club, then in Ligue 2 (French ...> See details

There have been significant developments in the technique of irrigation over these last few years, in terms of equipment and scheduling and also the progress made in computing and information techn...> See details

The drip or trickle method is used on approximately half of the irrigated land in Spain with a similar proportion in India, China and the United States. This proportion is only surpassed by Israel ...> See details

Irrigation booms for hose reel irrigation machines, an alternative to sprinkler guns (rainguns) for the hosereels, a developing market in Europe and an opportunity to adapt existing and new hoseree...> See details

The event was held in Bologna Italy during the EIMA exhibition with the presence of 60 people presenting the members of the association who took the opportunity to have real f2f meeting with collea...> See details


The European Irrigation Association (EIA) organized on October 10 a Virtual Irrigation Forum, followed by its General Assembly.

The Forum this time was dedicated t...> See details

Developing nature in the city; this is the ambitious target set by the City Council of Fréjus for the next 5 years: “5000 trees was his election promise”. Improving the quality of life, reduci...> See details

I travelled with Michaël Laliot to the station of Choisy le Roi on a wet June day. We travelled in heavy rain along the brand-new line of Tramway 9 which links Paris to the town of Orly.

...> See details

With 720 member golf clubs representing 33,000 hectares of natural spaces, the foremost concern of the FF of Golf (ffgolf) is the conservation of the environment and preserving water. Some fee...> See details