The fourth Paysalia show has just come to an end. The international show for the landscaping and sports fields sector, which takes place every two years in Lyons, this time on 1st to 3rd December, ...> See details

A drip irrigation system is being proposed to facilitate mechanical weeding processes, restrict damage caused by animals or outside aggressors, improve fertigation efficiency and save on water.

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Last November, the Irrigation Association held its annual Irrigation Show and Education Conference in Long Beach, California, with over 4,500 participants and 300 exhibiting compan...> See details


After having been the object of much finger-pointing by environmental organisations, the French Golfing Association, as part of a “National Golf and the Environment Charter” si...> See details

Will there Be Enough Water to Survive?

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The role of water is essential to maintain the turf in good health. It constitutes more than 70 % of the plant tissue of the grasses; it ensures the rigidity of the leaves and the ...> See details


Sprinklers are devices that allow for a spray to be produced, in order to irrigate by sprinkling.

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The thing to remember about this slightly off-putting term is that, strictly speaking, it is an agricultural practice aimed at growing a plant in a media without soil, often more s...> See details

Following 20 years of stable growth, Europe’s golf market experienced its first downturn in golfing activities in 2011. The decrease in the number of registered golfers can bepartially attributed...> See details

The sprinklers are devices that allow for a spray to be produced, in order to irrigate by sprinkling. Among those available, we have the mobile sprinklers for surface systems and fixed sprinklers f...> See details