Synaa has a lot of activities planned for this year: a congress to be held in Paris in December 2016, a meeting that will bring the whole profession together and a major advertising campa...> See details

The 26th Agrotica welcomed over 120,000 visitors, marking this year's Fair as a true ‘feast’ of the agricultural world. Despite the farmers' demonstrations and the difficulties in accessing The...> See details

1. What are Centre Pivot and Lateral Move Systems?


Centre Pivot and Lateral Move systems are self-propelled irrigation systems, which apply water to pasture or crop, generally from...> See details


Since the late 1960's, center pivot and lateral move irrigation systems have held tightly to the claim of providing the most uniform application of water possible in row crop agric...> See details


By definition, the central control management system is a monitoring method that uses an automated system.  The aim is to manage several parameters in the field (start-up time...> See details


Construction height is the ecological talking point discussed in every municipality: the city cannot extend indefinitely into the landscape and, there­fore, densification is achie...> See details

Solenoid valves are one of the most important components of an automatic sprinkler system. They form an interface between the irrigation controller or programmer and the irrigation equipment (sprin...> See details


In drip irrigation, water is applied to each plant separately in small, frequent, precise quantities through dripper emitters. It is the most advanced irrigation method with the hi...> See details

As we come to the end of 2015, a year that brought a number of tragic events and some good news, we realise that we have to get used to living in an ever more uncertain environment.


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The fourth Paysalia show has just come to an end. The international show for the landscaping and sports fields sector, which takes place every two years in Lyons, this time on 1st to 3rd December, ...> See details