Irrigation efficiency is defined by a system’s ability to deliver the required amount of water to crops at the right time and place. Regardless of the method that growers have employed–whether ...> See details


A GPS-guided Valley® Precision Corner has just been installed on a farm in the Landes region of France. This exceptional machine is the first of its kind to be installed in the So...> See details


Microsprinklers are low capacity water emitters of the sprinkler type, but smaller in size than the conventional sprinklers, with flow rates of around 250 litres/h. They are placed...> See details

We extend a warm welcome to Synaa’s new members: the companies Idéo (31), Plaine environnement (93), Lafitte paysage (64) and Id Verdé (92) as active members; and France arrosage (13) and Terre...> See details


Rain gauges, moisture sensors, weather stations… Often unappreciated and not used properly, there are a number of accessories within an irrigation installation that allow for a s...> See details


Just like the management process, the irrigation of the public green spaces is mainly carried out under government control, whatever the typology of the spaces in question, except ...> See details


Hunter Industries, commonly known as Hunter, is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of automatic irrigation products for green spaces, sports fields and golf courses. The co...> See details


Whether it’s in France, Italy, the United Kingdom or Holland, a combination of more leisure time, an enthusiasm to go green and a willingness to eat organic food, has driven the city-dw...> See details

There were thus more than 32,800 visitors strolling around pavilions 3, 4 and 9 at the Smagua trade show, a figure that is about the same as the 2014 event, with 780 exhibitors from 35 countries a...> See details


Olympique Lyonnais has wanted to construct its own stadium because the Gerland stadium, which belongs to the city of Lyons, was too small. The work, which ended in December 2015, c...> See details