The first irrigation took place 5,000 years ago. At that time, irrigation was practised in Mesopotamia by flooding the food crops.

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The members of Synaa, meeting at the general assembly convened during the organisation’s annual conference, which took place on 24th November of this year, re-elected Pierre-Alain Madelaine as Pr...> See details

Anti-frost protection constitutes an integral component of deciduous plant cultivation in numerous regions throughout the world.

Irrigation is a popular method of frost/f...> See details

The availability of water is becoming increasingly important for the productive cultivation of agricultural land. Farmers who depend on irrigation can supplement the increasingly irregular rainfall...> See details

Senninger is pleased to announce the new Pressure Regulator Ultra (PRU), a high-flow 2-inch pressure regulator.  The PRU is designed to maintain a preset outlet pressure with flows of 20 to 10...> See details

Over 30 States ratified the Paris Agreement during a high-level event organised by the United Nations Secretary-General at the UN headquarters in New York on 21 September.

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Today, green roofs and living walls are becoming more and more popular in our cities, where green spaces are now less common and atmospheric pollution is on the increase.


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Adjusting the scheduling programme can result in a saving on water of up to 30% compared with using the same programme for the whole season.

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Nowadays, environmental concerns take main priority when considering urban planning and design. And when it is a matter of landscaping, the question of water conservation is pivotal. Our fellow cit...> See details

In viticulture (grape vine cultivation and wine making), the term Irrigation has a negative connotation and in “old” Europe it was often associated with high yields and thus the wines w...> See details