This 8th Innov-Agri show brought together 250.exhibitors, 400 brand names and 1,000 machines on the grounds of the agricultural school at Ondes (near Toulouse) to show off their products for use in...> See details

P0™ is Irritec® brand new light dripline including the innovative molded ultra compact flat dripper generating almost 0 head loss, ideal for short spacing and long lines. The effective and compa...> See details

A standard establishes a set of specifications that describe an object or operating procedure. This results in a principle, which may be adopted as a regulation or technical benchmark. A standard i...> See details

An automatic sprinkler irrigation system for lawns will evenly distribute the right amount of water (duration and flow rate) over the whole plot

...> See details

When we think of Casablanca, the Hassan II mosque comes to mind, or even the Twin Centre or Liberty building. From now on, a new building will take its place among the classic sites of the economic...> See details

Conserving 250,000 to 300,000 cubic metres of drinking water per year. This is the objective of the treated waste water reuse project undertaken by the municipal authorities of Hérault Méditerran...> See details

The population growth expected for the next fifty years and the predicted climate change have led to an urgent reaction vis-à-vis the way agriculture will be practised in the future. Within this b...> See details

Cannabis Sativa L. is a multi-use plant.  It can be used for the production of food (seed and seed derivatives), of short and long fiber for the textile industry and of biofuel.

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Mr. Reinier, a farmer in the Vienne region, owns a non-organic medium-sized farm of 160 hectares. He has 80 hectares of wheat, 50 hectares of barley, 13 hectares of popcorn maize a...> See details

The French government has announced its intention “to scale up territorial water management projects”. Three Ministers and Secretaries of State - François de Rugy, Didier Guillaume and Emmanue...> See details