The Commander FLT has been specially designed for the management and control of the filter station and it is normally used on irrigation, agricultural or industrial installations. Thanks to ...> See details

The Commander NPK is an innovative and smart CONTROLLER used for modern fertigation management. Available in different configurations, it allows the user to manage the fertigation p...> See details

One of Rain's mission is the manufacturing of products allowing use of renewable energies, reduction of special hazardous waste such as batteries and better management and maintenance of irrigation...> See details

The rechargeable I-dial controller, embeds the RAIN philosophy for easy and intuitive programming in 3steps and embraces the values of environmental sustainability using renewable energies. The lit...> See details

P0 is Irritec light dripline with flat ultracompact high performance dripper ideal for reducing space. The light dripline included the innovative molded ultra compact flat dripper generating 0 head...> See details

Plast Project is pleased to present its new “Nautilus” hook fitting with a droplet flow control device. The new design has the shape of a prehistoric fish, making it unique in its field. The ma...> See details

Metzer is proud to introduce the INBAR RG-X, a new ‘all-in-one’ irrigation solution, specially designed for crops grown in greenhouses and hydroponic grow-bag. With all our latest technologies ...> See details

Product Description: Modular controller perfect for high end. Residential, light commercial, or anywhere. Remote management with flow sensing is needed. Key Features: Flow Sensor Capability. Back-l...> See details

Product Description: 2nd generation 230V TM controller, brings back dial based programing and Wi-Fi remote management. 3 Features: Wi-Fi Ready, Back-lit LCD Screen, Indoor and Outdoor in one. Model...> See details

The economical X2™ controller continues the legacy set by the popular X-Core® with the same set of reliable and highly efficient capabilities, but brings irrigation management into the next gene...> See details