The Kiwifruit (Actinidia chinensis) is a climbing plant that resembles the grapevine. It is a native of China, where it has been enjoyed as an edible fruit for more than 2,000 years. Around 1750, t...> See details

In the fields, the land is dry and dusty and the seeds are finding it difficult to germinate. After the summer drought, many farmers wanted to be able to irrigate their pastures and crops, but they...> See details

On 1 December 2019, the new European Commission lead by President Ursula von der Leyen took office, following the endorsement of its composition by the European Parliament and the European Council....> See details

FIMA 2020 already exceeds the surface and number of exhibitors the last edition, one month from its inauguration. The International Agricultural Machinery Fair will bring together over 1,650 compan...> See details

One of the biggest global challenges facing today’s farmers is insect damage to their thin wall drip line/tape. Just a few bites from insects can wreak havoc on a field, leading to the flooding o...> See details

The I-50 large turf rotor is built to conquer the most demanding conditions. The powerful internal drive mechanism and versatile arc adjustment style are derived from Hunter’s time-proven golf ro...> See details

Sentek’s new Drill & Drop Bluetooth probe is a cable-free solution for monitoring soil moisture.  Instead of using cellular modem telemetry, the probe uses a Bluetooth connection with a phon...> See details

UMC's new Booster Pump is purpose built for center pivot irrigation. It's designed with features that enhance performance and reduce failures. Using UMC's industry renowned motor technology coupled...> See details

Nelson's new high-efficiency goosenecks have superior flow capacity to save you energy. • Less than half the friction loss of comparable products (1 psi {0.07 Bar} of friction loss @ 22 gpm {83 l...> See details

No other End of Pivot Sprinkler works in the low pressure range of 15-60 PSI (1-4 bar) and provides up to 10 additional irrigated acres (on a 1⁄4 mile pivot). The new Nelson R55 VT uses a patente...> See details