Micro-irrigation is a drip irrigation system that is now recognized as being the most efficient as shown in the table below, which can be found in a number of bibliographical sources.

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It really has been a peculiar start to the season, what with the health crisis, the complete closure of all businesses and the lockdown. Not to mention the dramatic human and economic consequences....> See details

The almond tree is a typically Mediterranean crop, presenting an adaptation plasticity to very different conditions. In this way, it can bear high summer temperatures and cold winter extremes, or s...> See details

Pressure regulation can be a topic of dispute. Some industry experts and growers will tell you that it is the best way to save water and energy, while others will claim it is not necessary unless y...> See details

To prevent water shortages in the EU, Parliament today approved the Water Reuse Regulation.

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The great event presenting machines and equipment for agriculture and green area maintenance responds to the health emergency and moves its 44th edition from mid-November 2020 to early February 202...> See details

For several months now the Coronavirus health crisis has affected every aspect of French, European and global industries. Agriculture is one of the few sectors continuing to operate, albeit with so...> See details

Asparagus is, along with the strawberry, the vegetable whose campaign launch was concomitant with the development of the epidemic of Coronavirus Covid-19. Wherever it is cultivated in the world, it...> See details

After having interviewed European manufacturers, distributors and installers of irrigation equipment, we were able to understand the impact Covid 19 is having on the irrigation industry in Europe. ...> See details

Agricultural production and processing activities are not affected by the activity restrictions. It is therefore imperative to give ourselves the means to ensure sufficient agricultural production ...> See details