Our planet is becoming scorched, whether it’s Australia, California or Europe. The droughts are becoming more and more frequent and many farmers are experiencing crop failures, either because o...> See details

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This crop has been cultivated by all of the ancient and modern civilizations in an area extending from the Mediterranean Basin to the Red Sea, early records showing that date production was establi...> See details

Most people recognize deep burial (~30 cm) subsurface drip irrigation, or SDI for short, as the most advanced form of irrigation available today. SDI provides significant economic and environmental...> See details

Pumping water for irrigation is perhaps the biggest consumer of energy on a farm.

This has become a major concern for farmers affected by rapid increases in energy prices.

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Due to the health emergency, the 44th edition of EIMA International has been postponed to 3/7 February 2021. Ahead of this important rendezvous, FederUnacoma promotes the EIMA Digital Pre...> See details

In much of Europe, April 2020 is proving one of the driest in history. In Germany, wildfires are blazing, forests and farmlands are bone dry, and river depth in some areas is a half of what it shou...> See details


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