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Growers and irrigation designers alike have long awaited an economical valve option that is ideally suited to flows in the 400-700 gpm (90-160 m3/hr) range, where most 4” valves have too much pressure loss but a 6” valve is too expensive. The all-new Nelson 4” 1000 Series valve meets this chal­lenge and is capable of accurately regulating pressure across an even wider range of flows.  The valve can be configured with a variety of connection sizes and types to simplify instal­lation, including 6” options which are perfect for taking advantage of the valve’s high effi­ciency at flows commonly seen in 6” pipes. 

The 4” 1000 Series Valve is the latest addition to Nelson’s control valve offering.  For over 25 years, Nelson Irrigation Corporation has perfected the sleeve-style valve with continued development of the field-proven 800 Series and the recently released 1000 Series. Known world-wide for their hydraulic efficiency and accuracy, Nelson valves are used in a variety of applications under demanding conditions in agricultural irrigation and environ­mental control systems. 

The unique design and continued development of Nelson control valves continues to revolutionize the way irrigation systems are designed and managed as part of our mission to save water, save energy, save labor, and do a better job of irrigating.