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Automat : New AQ-206PC

New pressure compensating micro sprinkler (AQ-206PC)by Automat is designed to compensate the uneven water application caused by pressure difference at micro sprinklers due to long lateral length, head loss variations& field elevation difference.

Automat’s new pressure compensating micro sprinkler tested from CIT, California has a consistency in flow rates (CV - 2%) within the pressure range of 2 to 4 bar, and excellent distribution uniformity (90% & above), the swivel is designed for two stages wetted diameter control and cover the nozzle from insects also with two different color-coded swivels for short (1.2 to 4.6m)& long diameter (1.6 to 7.0m) range. This PC micro sprinkler is currently available with 5 different color-coded nozzles:  20, 28, 39, 62& 72 LPH.