The new battery-operated SENNODE-BT controller is enabled with powerful wireless Bluetooth® technology that can be easily managed from a smartphone. It’s the perfect solution for irrigating gree...> See details

1tape space 5 cm represents an important innovation in the field of drip irrigation, with its reduced space it is recommended in the presence of sandy soil.

1tape 5 cm makes the wet area mor...> See details

Just a few more days left before spring arrives. Nature comes into its own once again and the planters and growers head back to their gardens, vegetable plots and orchards. There will be a demand f...> See details

Growing plants on roof-terraces goes back to ancient times, with the hanging gardens of Babylon. Today, the techniques have been mastered, and the applications more and more recognised and adopted....> See details

Water-efficient and discreet, drip irrigations systems positioned above ground or even the subsurface type, have evolved considerably. New types of drippers are now available and with the appropria...> See details

It is now time to get down to work so we can achieve the goals set for 2020. The Synaa (French Automatic Irrigation Trade Association) seminar was held on 31st January 2020 in Paris, when different...> See details

One of the most coveted inputs in farming is...air. Countless acres of soil have been plowed over the centuries to introduce air into the root zone. Of course, plowing is extremely energy-intensive...> See details

Replacement parts represent 40% of the pivot market in Europe. The Chamber of Agriculture, CUMA d’Aquitaine (Cooperative set up for the Common Use of Agricultural Equipment), GRCETA (Regional Gro...> See details

The Kiwifruit (Actinidia chinensis) is a climbing plant that resembles the grapevine. It is a native of China, where it has been enjoyed as an edible fruit for more than 2,000 years. Around 1750, t...> See details

In the fields, the land is dry and dusty and the seeds are finding it difficult to germinate. After the summer drought, many farmers wanted to be able to irrigate their pastures and crops, but they...> See details